Founded 1995 by Louise Bleasdell, Jazzy Dans La Nuit Music Productions LLC (JDLNMP Inc.) is a small record label and production company.

From jazz albums, music for TV shows to songs for the Sydney Olympics, within the past fifteen years the company has produced, recorded, mastered and manufactured several projects – among them major projects such as “Red Balloon Over Miami” (recorded in five languages) and “Illuminating”.  Albums were produced, arranged and performed by vocalist Louise Bleasdell, songwriter/composer Talita Babl (Brazil) and other talented musicians including Nestor Torres (USA) and Doug Emory.

The company’s mission is to expose, preserve and promote while maintaining a solid foundation for all artist in this rich and diverse community.  JDLNMP Inc, promotes the talents of Artist in the Miami community and continuously seeks out platforms both locally, nationally and internationally.

Through ideas with strong impacts on our music film circuit with intention to educate right here in our community, Jazzy Dans La Nuit Music Productions LLC is collaborating and working together with other companies and organizations from the music film industry to accomplish great productions.